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Ah, Spring!

Just finished “Diego, One Lonesome Cat”, not only in English but in Spanish!! 

Diego is a curious cat who loves to wander and roam.  On the day when his family is moving to a new house, Diego cannot be found.  Juan and Maria look everywhere for him but no luck.  They are heartbroken to have to leave without their beloved pet.  When Diego returns later that day to his house, it is vacant and the family is gone.  What will happen to Diego?  Will he find Juan and Maria and the rest of his family?  “Diego, One Lonesome Cat” tells the story of Diego’s journey to find his family and home.

Available on Amazon in paperback and ebook.

This picture book was inspired by an abandoned cat named  Diego who lived with us for a while until we found a family who could take him in.  We were not able to keep him because of allergies.  Diego now has a family too!