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Almost October

Ready for pumpkin bread?  Oh yes!

This week’s word prompt on Illustration Friday is “Nest” and here is my entry.  Every kid wants a little place of his or her own, right?  Here is an inventive boy who may not be the best speller but he is very creative with a hammer and some wood.


The illustration below was inspired by a colorized photograph of a Russian tribal leader in 1900.  The photograph was intriguing because the beautiful intricate coat was so delicate and this man is anything but delicate. His face looks like he has seen the rougher side of life.  Having a sword at his side does make a person want to watch what they say around him.  The man’s one eye was damaged in some way either from birth or from injury - I was going to fix it in the illustration but decided to leave it in. Whatever happened to him?  The Russian Revolution happened  not long after his picture was taken.


For some kids, recess is one of the best parts of a school day.  Not so for this little girl when she gets stuck in the new playground equipment.

The leaves are starting to change but it’s still too hot!

Some latest illustrations- 

This Asian motorcyclist with his hair - I just had to paint him. 

The illustration below reminds me so much of my son, Adam, who for a number of summers as a young boy, became a Roman gladiator.  I lost so  many good towels for capes and more than a couple of brooms (if you cut off the top of the handle, it could be turned into a sword or as you can see below - wonderful how creative kids can be.

The illustration below was inspired by a photograph of Tibetan children.  I decided to emphasize the two locks and the picture turned into more than just a simple illustration.

Remember when a dog followed a student into school and how embarassed that student was? Especially if it wasn’t the first time?  Here’s my take on this.  The rest of the kids are delighted.

Black and white version of the above illustration